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Author Topic: The fall of He-man  (Read 1049 times)


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Re: The fall of He-man
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I have always been a little curious if Masters of the Universe would have stayed operational for a few more years had they not completely cut bait with He-Man after She-Ra started up. She-Ra started in, what, September of '85 and He-Man was out of new episodes a couple of months later.

Filmation rarely ran a series more than 2 seasons. 3 at most back then. Fat Albert being an exception. Most, despite going 2 or even 3 seasons rarely went over 30 episodes. Quite a few only ran 12 or so.

He-Man ran 2 seasons with 130 episodes and a crossover movie with She-Ra.
She-Ra ran 2 seasons with 93 episodes.
Fat Albert ran for 8 seasons and 110 episodes, not counting the odd side episodes they introduced like Brown Hornet and Legal Eagle.
Flash Gordon ran 2 seasons and 32 episodes.
Tarzan ran 4 seasons and 36 episodes that combined with Batman, Zorro, the Lone Ranger and some other shows.
Superman ran 3 seasons that merged with other shows like Batman, Aquaman, Superboy and so on.
Shazam went 3 seasons and 28 episodes.
Archie of all things ran usually 1 season but kept up with new shows for a good while or spin-offs like Sabrina, Groovie Ghoulies etc.
Bravestarr was the last and ran 65 episodes.
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