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Sooo, any Westworld fans here?

The first 2 seasons were just awesome, the developing plot, the characters, the revelations, the acting and of course Anthony Hopkins.

Season 3.... Well losing a prescence like Hopkins had to hurt, and it did. The plot took off in a new direction, which was necessary but lost some of the audience.

I hope season 4 is a good one, I still have hopes for this show.

I am part of the audience that was lost in season 3. I don't have any intention of going back.

I really enjoyed Season 1, and watched Season 2.

For what it's worth, I did this by renting the Blu-Rays from Netflix's physical disc service, which I don't have any more.

I'll be shutting off my Disney+ after Wednesday, and it is possible that I will get HBO Max for a month or so after that, followed by Netflix once I can watch all of Stranger Things season 4.

Yeah, seeing previews of WW s4 and getting a bad feeling. It looks like a host is going to go off on a ''KILL ALL HUMANS! KILL ALL HUMANS! '' trip,  and I was hoping it would not go there.

I'd wanted to see the hosts abd humanss, well sone humans, realize they had a common enemy. The aristocracy, and more or less unite to fight it.

But now it looks like  it's going to tge ''KILL ALL HUMANS! '' trope.

I just hope they have good writing to make that stale old trope at least bearable, maybe showing just how justified and right the host running the KAH meme is,  and having some other hosts admit how justified she is but still try to stop her.

OK saw ep 1. Already placing bets on when some of the characters will be revealed as hosts. Looks like the KAH meme is the center of this season.  :'(


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