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Welcome Aboard The R-100 [1920s Passenger Airship]

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Nice presentation on the interior layout of the R-100 passenger airship, built in Great Britain  from 1926-1929, with her maiden voyage taking place in December 1929.

This video has very clear illustrations of the interior of the airship cabin, combined with archival photographs, and if one wanted to set a historical adventure on an airship, this should certainly get you thinking.

Too bad they don't make these now. I's totally take a trip on them!

There's certainly a romance to the airships, but there were also good reasons why they were never a success. They were prone to catastrophic failures, and couldn't operate in high or even moderate winds.

Still, they make for great alt-history scenery.

It would have been such a thrill to have travelled on one of these. I'm going to write up an adventure on an airship for Callnof Cthulhu I think.

Pretty sure early editions of CoC had deck plans for an airship. I'd have to dig to confrm


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