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Vox Machina - From the Same People Who Brought You Critical Role

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The oversexed gnome bard caricature is enough to make you not watch this series.

Then there is the big, dumb half-giant barbarian who is constantly burping.

Then the prissy human aristocrat who lost his family and all their holdings to a vampire who wants revenge.

The flaming gay Nellie elf caricature running the magic item store.

Of all of the stupid tropes running through this cartoon, the thing that is the most jarring is the constant use of the word "fuck" - not because it is "bad language" but because if you want to create the illusion of a magical fantasy realm then using a modern swear word constantly is not the way to do it. This show would be what I hate the most about fantasy anime, if it wasn't already more believable as a D&D 5E campaign turned into a cartoon then an actual anime with a plot and characters.

Goblin Slayer was better than this.

And on the day of release by 8am, 226 out of 243 reviews are 5 star.

You can actually smell the astroturfing....

I watched the first episode and it reminds me a lot of the more annoying characters (and their players) that I've seen in gaming, especially in the past 10 years or so.

If you want a decent D&D-themed cartoon, then the best is probably Record of Lodoss War. Modern cartoons including anime sucks by comparison.

And they have an Amazon Store.....


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