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Author Topic: The Uncharted Isle  (Read 175 times)

Age of Fable

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The Uncharted Isle
« on: February 15, 2011, 11:33:28 pm »
My very short fantasy story The Uncharted Isle is now available for free on Daily Science Fiction.
free resources:
Teleleli The people, places, gods and monsters of the great city of Teleleli and the islands around.
Age of Fable 'Online gamebook', in the style of Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf and Fabled Lands.
Tables for Fables Random charts for any fantasy RPG rules.
Fantasy Adventure Ideas Generator
Cyberpunk/fantasy/pulp/space opera/superhero/western Plot Generator.
Cute Board Heroes Paper 'miniatures'.
Map Generator
Dungeon generator for Basic D&D or Tunnels & Trolls.