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The singular good scene from the sequels.

I watched The Great Wall, with Matt Damon fighting alien dinosaurs with a bow and arrow. As silly as the premise is, it's a fun movie.

While net was down sat down and watched some old BW SF movies.

Kronos: One of those "science hero" sorts of movies with a relatively slow start off but lots going on even so. Flying saucer is detected approaching earth. For some reason its decided to blow it up. Fails and the thing lands in the ocean off Mexico. Scientist team investigates. And finally Kronos makes its appearance. And I love the design of the thing. Its monolithic and lacking most of the standard robot features, or features at all. It proceeds to go on a rampage as its mission is to drain energy. Really neet way ov moving as it stomps along on four piston pillar legs that alternatingly lift and fall.

Monolith Monsters: Mentioned this before. Another "science hero" movie and one of my favourites for the totally original idea of a "monster" that isnt even alive. A meteor crashes outside a little desert town and soon thereafter people collect some of the fragments to study or by chance. Then one of found dead, petrified and then another and it becomes apparent the threat is the rock fragments that absorb water and silica and grow into huge crystal pillars that eventually topple and shatter. Also interesting in that the monster is secondary to the interplay of the people and how they react to the impending crisis.

Watched Office a Korean thriller/horror film. Pretty slow burn and subtle (with touches of Hitchcock) for a Korean genre film which these days tend towards a lot of violence and gore. Not that this one doesn't get plenty violent by the end but I'm grading on a curve here. Some nice but simple twists in this that could be used in any CoC or investigation game.


We did a roundtable talk on House of Traps:

This is an early 80s Chang Cheh film starring the venom mob (no Lo Meng this time out though) and based on the Seven Heroes and Five Gallants. I think the story in this one is engaging and the fight scenes are all very tight. The centerpiece of the film is the House of Traps, which is a really cool concept and something that would work well in a campaign. It isn't a house filled with traps so much as a tower housing a single, but multi-level, trap structure (there are a sequence of traps that all play off each other once the thing is triggered). The world here is pretty morally gray, with a prince during the early Song Dynasty seeking revenge against Emperor Taizong for forcing his father to commit suicide. The protagonists of the film are trying to break into the prince's House of Traps to recover some stolen objects and to obtain a list of people involved in the revolt. Characters are colorful and memorable (even those with brief moments on screen). Pretty bloody as these films go as well.


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