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Don't be afraid to wander outside your comfort zone in search of things to read. I've been reading some Westerns, off and on, and if nothing else I've picked up some ideas for use in gaming.

Also, if you're looking for inspiration for bad nobles, check out Karl Shaw's 'Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know'. This covers the misbehavior of European nobility from around the 17th-20th centuries, and hoo boy... plenty of material there to serve as grist for the mill of imagination.

The best nonfiction book I have read recently is Duel of Eagles, which covers the struggle between the RAF and the Luftwaffe, starting at the end of World War 1, going through the inter-war period, and culminating with the Battle of Britain.

The book cover says "The Greatest Book on the Battle of Britain Ever." That's not hyperbole. It really is that good. The author was an RAF fighter pilot, and his firsthand account of the war is engaging, insightful, and a real page turner.

The coverage of the inter-war period, where Germany set up a covert training and aircraft development operation in Russia, while in Britain the RAF is set up in a long struggle against the forces of bureaucratic indifference, is also very good. If you're looking for ideas for adventures set in 1930s Europe, this is going to give you a ton of ideas.

Highly recommended. Buy the hardcover, this one is a keeper.


--- Quote from: bromides on June 30, 2022, 08:37:02 PM ---I think it's hard to be a good GM if you don't read a lot of everything.

I read everything, from trash to literature. I've literally read "Twilight" to understand that kind of storytelling to prep for a game.

--- End quote ---

I read "Twilight" too. When my friends asked for my opinion, I (don't even know why) mentioned that the two friends of Bella buy for the Prom ball a blue and a golden dress. When my friends said "you must really have liked the book to remember such a detail" I realised that the color of the two dresses was the only thing I remembered from the whole book. I had just read it and my mind was empty.

Im two books in to the warhammer 40k Eisenhorn trilogy, finished book two today. Its a bit future noir themed, the idea of habitual crossing the moral horizon makes it worth reading for me. The real evil is absolutely there, fought by the Inquisition. The protagonists cross lines but kinda have to in order to get results. Im looking forward to the last book and subsequent series.

I find Web series can be interesting too, am regularly reading Path of Ascension. The world building is big, the magic system enticing, its a cultivation story. The main draw is the MC having a broken ability that takes a lot of work to reach high levels but the end results make him able to change the whole setting for the better. Regularly updated too.


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