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Telling the truth about Islam gets you banned, but racist cracks about the japanese

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--- Quote from: beejazz ---Wow. So I guess it was the majority country-wise? Not that it would matter, given the sizes of said countries.
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I didn't see a map, but it would be the Western Hemishere + most of Europe + Russia? + part of Africa vs. the Middle East + Northern and Eastern Africa + parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. I'd guess Christian countries would outnumber Muslim ones, but I'm not sure

--- Quote ---Also, I notice an absence of Mormonism. They just counted as another Christian sect?
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--- Quote ---EDIT: Zoroastrianism beats neopaganism. That makes me happy.

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[bad taste]burn, baby, burn*[/bad taste]

*Great song, by the way. Love Ash.


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