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Superman is gay.

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Shrieking Banshee:
Perfect image. Like il do them a favor:
Every character ever is gay, bisexual, lesbian, tranny, mexican, and whatever other demographic is popular.

Il just assume they changed it to be the case for every character ever and il just fucking move on from that. Let your idea rot.

Sad thing is, I like the idea of Superman having a son, and going through the process of passing on the torch. Dunno if the idea will stick, or get retconned. Probably retconned since it looks like they're using the son as a boring, activism mouthpiece instead of imbuing him with actual character.

Outrage marketi...Zzzzz.

Simple reality that I'm not going to ever buy Marvel or DC properties again. I'm purchasing manga and comics from the ComicsGate guys, you know, people who want to make comics that are fun and entertaining and not pushing hatred.


--- Quote from: Zelen on October 11, 2021, 10:04:38 PM ---I'm purchasing manga and comics from the ComicsGate guys,

--- End quote ---

Link your favorites! What do you recommend?


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