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It's the cold and dark season in Canada.  We have free health care, but no doctors.  There are lots of trees here, with bears in between some of them.  We have more coffee shops than people.  Our soccer is called hockey.

As for the United States:

Except for China, I don't know of any any country that boasts the same epic scope and infinite variety in natural settings. If you love the outdoors (and I do), you cannot do better.

For foodies, several centuries of immigration from all over the globe have endowed us with the most varied cuisine on the planet.

As a gun owner and enthusiast, I appreciate the way that my rights in that arena are protected to a great degree.

Finally, there are all the good, friendly people I've met over the years. I guess most countries have those, though. :)

Well, I don't know where you're coming from.
So if you're in the US, I can't really sell you on that.
I wouldn't advise your emigration to Iran. Not unless you have the tech to go during or pre-Pahlavi.

We were this close to all teh awesome of the Middle East in a modernized, secular setting. Why'd that bastard have to fuck it up? Anyways, thanks to American involvement in the White Revolution, I get to exist. So I'm not complaining. About either.

If only the subsequent revolution, hostage crisis, etc. hadn't happened.

The good thing about Canada is that no matter how fucking stupid the world is, you can drive for an hour in just about any direction and get away from it all.

James McMurray:
I'd send another shout out for america, but I've never lived in any other countries for comparison. I guess you could say that from my experiences it's the best country possible to live in.


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