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It is by no means easy to become a United States citizen, but it is easier than the naturalization process of almost any other country on Earth.


--- Quote from: Stuart ---It's the cold and dark season in Canada.  We have free health care, but no doctors.  There are lots of trees here, with bears in between some of them.  We have more coffee shops than people.  Our soccer is called hockey.
--- End quote ---

Ahhhh, I miss Canada!  

Especially the doughnuts :donut: and poutine.  Can't get that quality cuisine in Ireland!  No Timmys anywhere.  And hockey, wow, I miss that.  I find myself going to this pub in Dublin called the Czech Inn because they often show NHL games (since a lot of Czechs play in the NHL).

Anyhow, as for my current abode, Ireland, it is pretty amazing.  Best economy in Europe.  Low taxes.  Lots of drinking.  :toast: People are friendly and speak English in an endearing manner.  Plenty of cute colleens.  :blush: And if you live in Dublin, you interact with people from all over the world (heavily Eastern European in certain parts).

Oh yeah, if you're lucky, I mean really lucky, you can find pots of gold!  :gnome:

The main downside: it's a damn expensive place to live.  Ireland is the most expensive place to live in the EU after Finland.  And the winters are damp and dark.

Still, it's a happening place these days.

Come to the USA, specifically Wisconsin.  We have:

Deep Fried Cheese Curds,

James J Skach:
Chicago, IL, USA.

Big City, but not too big. We get many of the world-wide big city goodness (nightlife, culture, sports teams, etc.) without too much of the big-city badness.  And it gets better every day-next up: Olympics! Known for its architecture and being the hub of trade second only to New York (mostly futures and the like).

Germans abound.  My wife's parents are German immigrants.  I was amazed at how many groups and clubs and you-name-it there were that were German-specific.  Actually, just about every nationality under the sun has their own neighborhood.

White Christmas and 95 degree summer days with a Lake so big the coast rivals any oceanside - without the salt water. All four seasons actually occur (sometimes in the same 24 our period!).

The U.S. is big.  It's very regional and not one place identifies the U.S. as much as the regions define the U.S.  Living in the South is a different experience than living in the North and both are completely different to living in Hawaii or Alaska.  All of the regions are still a great big amalgam of people and cultures.


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