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Author Topic: "Red Eye" with Greg G. & Role Playing Games....  (Read 214 times)


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"Red Eye" with Greg G. & Role Playing Games....
« on: June 03, 2009, 01:37:47 PM »
This might have been put in Role playing games section....

Sometimes I like to imagine parallels with role playing games or campaigns in other media - TV shows, books, movies...etc.

Last night I realized I was watching one in a way.

There is this show on Fox News Channel that only airs once each day - at 3:00am in the eastern time zone of the States. Its called "Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld". Its the comedy show of FNC (intentionally). They do gutter humor, toilet humor, gay subculture humor, BDSM humor, Monty-Puthon type referencxe, and even "Geek humor".

The show has a rotating batch of 'regular' panelists - but some have been on so often they know the running gags and jokes that the host and his two sidekicks do.

The host is Greg Gutfeld, his two sidekicks are Bill Schultz and Andy Levy. Bill is gay or thats his show persona/character. Andy just comments at the show halftime and at the end - and is friendfs with Greg and Bill.

Red Eye on wikipedia:

The show more and more is like three dorky guys who are running an RPG with a rotating, recurring set of players. Greg is the nominal GM, with Bill running the NPC known as 'Pinch" (The puppet version of the New York Times)

This was most noticeable when Greg got sick or had to be somewhere else.

Who wound up as the guest host that night?

Pastor and former Governor Mike Huckabee - whoah that was a strange episode. All the usual in-jokes took an odd twist of "Well, Mike Huckabee is never running for President again after this episode."

As silly and stupid as the show is at times - they had Johny Lydon (JOhnny Rotten) on one night as a panelist - and that was worth it . He was a riot and fit right in.

When a person can't sleep -its fairly good entertainment.

Anyone else see the rough analog to RPGs in that show's set up or group structure?

The other show that I used to think of as an RPG sort of thing was the home makeover show "MONSTER HOUSE" - but that might deserve its own thread.

- Ed C.

Greg Gutfeld:

Bill Schulz:

Andy Levy:
The return of 'You can't take the Sky From me!'

This is what a really cool FANTASY RPG should be like :

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