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Prey doesn't have a prayer

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So the new woke movie, prey, js being smeared all over the net now, and oh how I'm tastibg my bile rise.

Basically we have an interstellar level hunter with a personal cloak, plasma weapon, laser targeter, some body armor,  multiple vision modes,  possibly remote drones,  etc,  who is  much stronger and tougher than a human fighting an aboriginal North American woman who is at a stone age level of technology.

Oh, that poor doomed alien fool! He doesn't realize he has no chance against the awesome power of her wokeness!

Earlier this year James bond, who had surivied and triumphed over huge evil organization like spectre, megalomaniacs with nuckewr weapons, laser cutting rays, global exti ction level bio weapons, space stations, etc, was murdered by tge new evil world domination organization known as WOKE. What chance does the predator have?

I'm trying to imagine what kind of woketard scenario has the woman on the poster beating this alien killing machine.  I'm betting she calls on her native earth spirits, does a rain dance and the predator gets zapped by lightning.

Gah, the magical Negro Native American.

I thought we were past the full retard stereotypes?

I think the ALIEN RPG has a Native American character. He's from Brooklyn or the Bronx, and he loves New York pizza. He gets annoyed with dumb questions about the spirit world and whatever.

Predators are damn near Stormtrooper level at this point. An Ewok would be overkill.

Yeap. I saw that and was like... seriously? SERIOUSLY?

It's literally the finale of the OG Predator but instead of Ahnold, we get Native American Waifu Chick.

Eh, remember Independence Day? There's a long tradition of movies where humans somehow overcome aliens who completely outclass them in every possible way.

So it's a new Predator movie. Hulu original. Dug up the trailer.

She's a woman fighting against prejudice to be a hunter. We get that in the first few seconds. That's literally the only signal of potential wokeness I see in the trailer.

The rest of it's mostly just disconnected action scenes. Enraged bear chases the girl into a dam, Predator kills it. Lots of running around, or swinging at things. There's a silly scene where a man with a spear and a puma face off on opposing branches high in a tree. There's another silly scene where she trains using a Tomahawk on a string, so it'll return after a throw. But honestly, that's expected for an unrealistic and ungrounded action movie, which this seems to be in spades.

Beyond that, there's not a lot. Her tribe is fighting the Predator, beyond that not clear. Some meaningless and hard to assess conflicts with the men in her tribe. At the very end of the trailer, there's a quick scene with some Scots with flintlocks, and then a few more with white men, so it's not pre-Columbian like I was assuming.

The summary in Hulu says she's Comanche, but didn't see any horses. Set 300 years ago

The Comanche are a surprisingly un-woke choice.

But I'm sure none of that will be mentioned.


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