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Author Topic: Perfect Creature  (Read 199 times)


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Perfect Creature
« on: December 19, 2007, 11:57:08 AM »
I caught the trailer for Perfect Creature on another DVD (Daywatch?) and decided to check it out.

The film itself was okay.

What I found interesting, however, was the ideas. The basic premise is that vampires are a separate species. They're not feared by humanity, but have entered into a sort of symbotic relationship with it.

First, the film takes place in a fantasy setting. It's almost Victorian London, but the presence of steam-powered cars and a proto-television sets seems to place it well after that.

Second, the vampires. They're called Brothers because they're part of an organization called the Brotherhood, which is a pseudo-religious, pseudo scientific organization. Because vampires are a separate species and are actually born, the Brotherhood is very interested in and performs genetic research.

While I never got the sense that humans in Perfect Creature worship the Brothers outright, they are clearly revered. They function like priests and even seem to wear cassocks of a sort. The church collects its tithes not in money, but in blood.

My favorite stuff from the film: Vampire babies, steamtech guns and zepplins.

"Thus tens of children were left holding the bag. And it was a bag bereft of both Hellscream and allowance money."

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