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New Iron Maiden album. Wheee!

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This is one of their more solid re-union releases. Really enjoying it so far. It is also definitely an album that benefits from repeat listens. The choruses and solos are very strong. I like the balance of sound across the album as well.

I also like Bruce on this one, he’s better than the previous two (if I remember correctly). The guy is a metal legend so I’ve already set the bar high (despite aging, cancer, and all that) and he pulls it off very well.

Just a little heads up: I’m not a “vinyl snob” (some vinyl records sound like crap) but every now and again I find a record that actually sounds better on vinyl. This is definitely one of those records. Also confirmed by some people in a YouTube review I saw, so it’s not just my system. There’s more oomf in the bass and drums for starters.

I haven't warmed to the new album yet. Maybe after I hear some of it live. So far, it seems kinda forgettable like The Final Frontier which I keep wanting to like, but find myself just playing other albums instead.

I saw three shows of the last Maiden tour (twice with the fan club which was terrific fun) and it was awesome (as always), but the stage show was huge compared to previous tours. Looking forward to the next tour.

I saw Maiden USA, a cover band, a few weeks ago and it was such tremendous fun. They did a couple songs that Maiden hadn't played either ever or not in 30+ years which was very cool.

To me, it’s a very solid album. I rank it somewhere in the middle of their studio output. First off, I don’t think there are any BAD songs or even mildly annoying songs on here, I can actually listen to the whole thing and enjoy it (and I can be very picky, even as a fan). Second, it happens to have one of those rare songs that give me goosebumps. That’s a huge plus. In my case that’s the Parchment. Yes it’s another long Harris song, but with this one he made a top five Maiden epic in my book. It’s sinister as hell, and Iron Maiden does sinister so well. Bruce’s buildup to “heading for afterlife, meet me there” is very powerful.


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