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Author Topic: Telling the truth about Islam gets you banned, but racist cracks about the japanese  (Read 2671 times)


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Traditional, the anthropological definition of a religion is essentially a school of thought or philosophy that deals with the afterlife... though this leave confucionism flapping in the breeze.  Scholarly sorts in Japan certainly, and presumably China consider Confucionism to be 'religious', though it is more of a 'way of life' than anything else.

Yes, I said Japanese. Yes, I know Confucious was Chinese.  I have to go with my sources.
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How is this classified, and how many followers does it have?

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So it's not racist to call Dominus Nox a glaikit cunt?

Noxboy you are a glaikit cunt!

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Quote from: Garry G
So it's not racist to call Dominus Nox and glaikit cunt?

Noxboy you are a glaikit cunt!
It's not racist, it's the right thing to do.
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Nothing to see here.

(posted to wrong thread)


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Quote from: beejazz
Wow. So I guess it was the majority country-wise? Not that it would matter, given the sizes of said countries.

I didn't see a map, but it would be the Western Hemishere + most of Europe + Russia? + part of Africa vs. the Middle East + Northern and Eastern Africa + parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. I'd guess Christian countries would outnumber Muslim ones, but I'm not sure
Also, I notice an absence of Mormonism. They just counted as another Christian sect?

EDIT: Zoroastrianism beats neopaganism. That makes me happy.
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