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Mercedes Lackey Cancelled

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Mercedes Lackey forgot to use the preposition "of" when referring to People of Color, and is now being cancelled by the The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (who are apparently still allowed to call her a Grand Master ...)

Commented on this over in the 'Turning the corner on woke' thread.

It's sad, but the parable about the frog and the scorpion springs to mind.

Performative justice is not justice, and yet here we are. Dancing before the authorities. Shucking and jiving to a tune that makes no sense except to perform before the cultural masters.

We are creating cultural authoritarianism out of pronouns and prepositional phrases.
What a fascinating modern age we live in.

Does the NAACP know of her incredibly vile action???

Somebody call the UNCF pronto! We need their opinion as well!!

This is why I'm leery of trying to get published nowadays. Publishing houses have been taken over by identity politics. I feel like I'd have to write most of my cast as disabled transwomen of color to have any hope of getting published, even if identity is completely irrelevant to the content. But even if I did, I'm afraid that I'd be damned anyway by the #ownvoices crowd for not being a disabled transwoman of color myself or otherwise attacked for failing to meet arbitrary purity tests. I could try writing all my characters as hermaphroditic purple cat people, but I'm worried that will attract furries and get my work an undesirable reputation that way.



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