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Mercedes Lackey Cancelled

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Armchair Gamer:
I'm seeing a lot of people have a reasonable level of success with self-publishing. Not superstars, but not vanishing into obscurity either.

Self-publishing and self-promotion is the way in the age of POD and Kindle.


--- Quote from: Spinachcat on May 25, 2022, 02:57:31 AM ---Self-publishing and self-promotion is the way in the age of POD and Kindle.

--- End quote ---

Yes, nowadays it's easier to publish and distribute your works than at any other time in history. I also wonder whether the West will eventually go the way of China, where web novels are all the rage. Even many Chinese series and movies are now based on web novels. 

Jesus fucking Christ don't these idiots know what NAACP stands for?

On the same  page I looked up it had a link about the trannies (yeah, I know, offensive term. ) trying to get bill Maher cancelled.

Mercedes Lackey is one of the people who pushed this into the hobby, so I don't have much sympathy from her in that respect.

It is obscene that these people aren't even willing to give an old woman who lived through their ever-changing language poisoning the good faith to assume she just misspoke. But then these people were always evil.


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