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Meanwhile, in that OTHER war...

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Glad things were going so swimmingly that we had time for War #2.

--- Quote ---The Taliban gunmen who murdered two teachers in eastern Afghanistan early Saturday were only following their rules: Teachers receive a warning, then a beating, and if they continue to teach must be killed.
. . .

Taliban militants early Saturday broke into a house in the eastern province of Kunar, killing a family of five, including two sisters who were teachers.

The women had been warned in a letter to quit teaching, said Gulam Ullah Wekar, the provincial education director. Their mother, grandmother and a male relative were also slain in the attack.

The two sisters brought to 20 the number of teachers killed in Taliban attacks this year, said Education Ministry spokesman Zuhur Afghan. He said 198 schools have been burned down this year, up from about 150 last year.

The 30 Taliban rules also spell out opposition to development projects from aid organizations, including clinics, roads and schools.
--- End quote ---

I guess this efficiency is why we can talk about invading Iran too?

Tell me again why we even give a fuck about these sub-human scum?

I mean really. Live and let live and all that - but killing people for teaching? Stoning rape victims? Dropping walls on homosexuals? Beheading Christians?

I think we've had about enough. Well, *I* have anyway.


--- Quote from: Werekoala ---Tell me again why we even give a fuck about these sub-human scum?

--- End quote ---

Uhm... just to clarify, you may want to clear up exactly which people you're referring to as "sub-human scum"?


The people who I described immediately AFTER that - the wall dropping, victim stoning, teacher killing scum. Did you miss that part?

Afghanistan is one country that deserves full support. The situation is far from perfect, but the its people are much better now than under the Taliban.

Now, if only that mess in Iraq didn't distract people's attention...


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