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Hello Folks,

Could someone in this group do me a small favor?  I am running a Star Trek RPG group and the campaign is set 2261 - just 3 years after "Strange New Worlds" takes place and 4 to 5 years before "TOS" episodes happen.

I used to have the map from the old "Star Trek Charts" book that Sternbach, Mandel, and the Okudas wrote and published. On that big map you could measure distances in light years with a ruler.
For my game I need to know how many light years between the "Briar Patch" and Starbase 11.  Have not yet found my copy of the map, last time I used it was in 2013.

- Ed C.

Looks like about 45 light years.


I thought it would be closer to 23.
...and Thank you
 Each square on the map equaled 10 light years If I remember correctly.
Right now I can't find my copy of it that I used ten years ago the last time I ran a Star Trek RPG.

- Ed C.

20 light years per square, which are 2 inches across.

Distance from Starbase 11 to the Briar Patch is 4 to 4.75 inches, depending on where in the Patch you want to go.

I could not pin down where SB 11 was other than its about maybe 20ly west of Andoria so the distance is something around 40-50ly.

At TOS warp 8 it might take around 4-5 months. Depending on what version of warp speeds one uses. Could be substantially shorter.

In my own RPg it would take about 5 months to cover 50ly at drive factor 8.


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