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Author Topic: Kudos/Commentary: Q&A Thread, Luke Crane  (Read 7004 times)


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Kudos/Commentary: Q&A Thread, Luke Crane
« Reply #210 on: August 07, 2007, 12:15:22 pm »
Quote from: Calithena
Anyway, why did these two threads get moved to the ghetto?
(a) It's not a ghetto, it's Off-Topic ... not a value judgment, except as far as RPG-relevance is an objective value.  Which, given the fun that goes on in this "ghetto" ... questionable :D

... and (in the spirit of Paul Reiser) ...

(2) The two Q&A threads trended, unsurprisingly, toward the topics that people wanted to ask questions about.  Lots of folks decided that they wanted to as Luke about GM Fiat, and the historic arguments that arose from that, and me about GNS, who-started-what, and the historic arguments that arose from that.  Since neither of these things are actually RPGs, but rather the history of discussion of RPGs, it makes perfect sense for them to end up in the Off-Topic forum.

That's my thinking, anyway.  I'm a little niggled by the recurring pattern where negative talk about past discussions drowns out positive talk about current roleplay, but that's about the questions that get asked, not about the moderation that should be applied once those questions have steered the thread into non-RPG waters.
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