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Author Topic: Porno Stars  (Read 1537 times)


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Porno Stars
« on: December 16, 2006, 08:46:10 PM »
Pamela Anderson and Brett Michael's private sex tape
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Not content with releasing one home sex video into the public, Pamela Anderson really didn't learn her lesson the first time after making this movie with Brett Michaels (lead singer of 'Poison').
This tape involves Pamela parading around in white undergarments, then stripping them off to reveal her huge breasts and tight pussy. The movie then cuts to the bedroom, with Pamela sucking Bretts cock and giving him deep throat. They then sit up as Pamela straddles him while he fingers her ass, eventually lying down so Pamela is on top and bouncing up and down like crazy.
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Cameron Diaz is one of Hollywoods biggest stars, with major movies under her belt such as 'theres something about mary', 'the mask' and 'charlies angels'
In July 2004, an amateur kinky S&M sex video surfaced on the Net, featuring a 19-year-old Cameron. It involves her dressing up all in leather with her perky tits exposed. She also has to get her nipples hard using an air gun. She then dominates some other big guys, before doing some sexy little dances with the other people who are being filmed.
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Baywatch Babe in Home Sex Tape Scandle!
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Former baywatch babe gets exposed in this home video! First she takes off her bra and shows off her tits, rubbing and fondling her breats, before taking off her underwear to expose a cleanly shaven line of pubes. She then squats down on the ground and spreads her pussy while masturbating herself.
After showing the camera her naked ass for a bit, some weird guy with a fluro green shirt comes in and tries to fuck her from behind, but she don't like it. He then stands up as she sucks his cock until he cums all over her titties.
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Dominus Nox

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Porno Stars
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2006, 10:15:58 PM »
Y'know, when I first saw this topic I thought a user here might actually be posting a thread re porn stars and I was prepared to name a fee of my favorites.

Then I saw it was just a pornspambot an reported it.

Bye bye, waste of bandwidth.
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