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I wish Zack Snyder would remake Batman vs Superman

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--- Quote from: Oddend on September 22, 2021, 11:32:33 AM ---Ever since Bruce Timm started shoveling out direct-to-DVD bargain bin trash, the only good thing DC has licensed has been the Batman: Arkham Asylum series (which, incidentally, is a Timmverse fan game disguised in gritty-realism art).
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The best thing DC has done recently was Justice League Action, which was new Justice League cartoons done as 15 minute shorts as part of an anthology. Quality not as high as the 2000s Justice League cartoon, but there is some standout stuff in there, like the episode where Batman gets caught in a time loop with Booster Gold.

--- Quote from: Oddend on September 22, 2021, 11:32:33 AM ---The death of Spock was a good real-world example of the hypothetical Death of Superman execution you've described here. It was built on almost 20 years of familiarity with the character, and there was no promise of a resurrection (the Death of Superman hadn't even been written yet, let alone become a meme); he was actually dead. Like The Iron Giant, though, the movie can still have emotional impact today, because it was a good movie on its own.

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Are you talking about Wrath of Khan, or the JJ Abrams death of Spock in Into Darkness?

The first worked because it was an end-of-cycle movie done at the right time.
The second one had Nimoy, but that was about all it had going for it.

And doing Wrath of Khan as the second movie out of the gate was pointless, they had neither earned the emotional buy-in the movie required, nor done The Space Seed to set it up. They also miscast Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, IMHO.

It was just greedy, soulless Hollywood trying to eat its dessert first.

I thought the "snap" in Infinity War had the proper impact. People in the theater gasped when Black Panther was disintegrated.

But they built up to that moment across a decade of time, and dozens of movies.

They also honored the emotional impact in Endgame, even as they undid the result.


--- Quote from: Lurkndog on September 24, 2021, 06:28:56 PM ---Are you talking about Wrath of Khan, or the JJ Abrams death of Spock in Into Darkness?

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I was referring to the Wrath of Khan; and by J.J. Abrams re-creating it, I meant the part where it's the same scene but where "Kirk" "dies" (expectations subverted!).

I loved a lot of individual things from Abrams' Trek movies (the visuals, some of the casting and music), but overall I can't stand them. His movies feel like they were adapted from stories. "And THEN my favorite part from the old movie happens again, but this time it's a little bit different. And I'M there too!"

It wouldn't be so annoying if CBS wasn't openly hostile toward the peasantry making their own fan-films. "Fan-film schlock from me... but not from thee!"

I will say this for Zack Snyder: I don't doubt his love for the source material. He clearly has read the same comics I have, and loved them and wanted to do something with them. He's just not that good at it. It's sad, because there are flashes of greatness in all his stuff, but ultimately they wind up as less than the sum of their parts.

He's kind of the Carl Macek of superheroes.

Carl Macek was famous for producing Robotech, a mashup of three unrelated anime series (Macross, Southern Cross and Mospeada) into one multi-generation storyline for syndication in the United States. The result is wildly uneven: Macross and Mospeada are classics, while Southern Cross is mediocre at best. The thing that really ties them together is that they all had good toy lines in Japan, and clearly the Robotech people were hoping to make bank repackaging those toys in the US.

Robotech was a modest success in syndication, and Macek went on to have a long but controversial career in the anime import business. He was infamous for taking liberties with his adaptations, leading fandom to coin the term "Macek-ccre" for a translation that disrespects the source material.

The thing is, circling back to my original point, I've met Carl Macek, and he was not just doing it for the money. He really loved anime, and he was as big a fan as anyone. He just wasn't very good at adapting things.


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