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Author Topic: i wish the media talking dickheads would quit busting on NASA  (Read 226 times)

Dominus Nox

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Ok, an astronaut blew a fuse and tried to kidnap/murder a romantic rival after driving 900 miles in diapers.

I wish the fucking media scumbags would quit taking shots at NASA over it.

Ok, one astronaut went nuts over a love affair. Does that make NASA a laughing stock?

How many times have former marines comitted horrible crimes? Some of the worst criminals in American history have been ex-marines, like Oswald, Whitman, Lakewood and his partner Ng. Does that make the marine corps a target of mockery?

Army, navy and airforce personnel have all comitted far worse acts than this woman is accused of, do we ridicule the military for their acts?

The people who work at NASA, especially the ones with the guts to get into a cylinder packed with explosives and ride it to orbit, are brave, dedicated professionals serving their countries need for people to work above the atmosphere and pave the way for the future, if any. They deserve as much respect as any soldier, polideman, firefighter, etc.

At least 17 people have died on space missions, 3 more damn near lost their lives on apollo 13. I bet the attrition rate for astronauts in as higher or higher than any branch of the military, or the national average for police and firemen.

NASA deserves america's respect and the media jackoffs shouldn't be jeering at it because there's one bad apple in a damn fine barrel.
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