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Author Topic: I am thankful for the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy  (Read 5639 times)


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Re: I am thankful for the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
« Reply #105 on: June 14, 2022, 08:10:09 PM »
The FO didn't even get a setup to be evil.
Its evil because it guns down civilians, and its motivation is to find Luke for some reason. Thats about it. Then some guy by the end of the film says 'We are here to reverse the collapse of the empire'. The resistance is resisting them because the FO is evil.

That's my point. There's no reason for them to be evil. They just do it. There's no setup to be evil. They just are.
The Empire's evil is a consequence of their motivations. The First Order... *shrug*

I don't remember the guy saying "We are here to reverse the collapse of the empire." *Tired sigh* I suppose I should watch it again. Is that the dreary "Hitler yells at the crowd" scene?

Yo RM,  I don't know if you ever got to watch red dwarf, but a lot of people who did and saw general hucks realized he was just an evil Arnold Rimmer.
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