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Happy Holidays!

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I wanted to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating this weekend, and Happy Hanukkah to everyone who's been enjoying it this week.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday, and spends lots of time with their loved ones.

Today is also my last day at work until May(!) and I'll be posting here less frequently over the next few months, so I'd also like to thank everyone for the constructive discussions, and interesting points of view on RPGs and game design.

Happy Holidays to everyone too!


Happy RamaHaunaKwanzMass to you all!

Im just settling in for a long winter's nap here, hearing a lot of frazzled former co-workers who haven't escaped retail tell war stories has me VERY glad I remembered those days well enough myself to have all my xmas shopping done by December 1st.

Merry Christmas to all!


Happy Saturnalia!


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