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Happy Birthday To Howard Phillips Lovecraft


Today is H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday.  In honor of the influence his stories had on gaming, I would like to share this with all of you. 

This song appeared in Lovecraft’s story “The Tomb” (1922), the well known pirate band The Musical Blades arranged it and recorded it on their 2014 album Treasures Of Old.

The narrative portion i. The middle of the song is from the poem “The Ancient Track”.


Raise a glass to HPL!

A bit late to the thread, but then again H.P.L. hopefully wont mind, may he inspire impossible landscapes in the coming even more strange aeons from beyond.

umm... actually no, sweety. Not a happy birthday to this white supremacist racist bigot. His books are totally eurocentric, there aren't enough POC and don't even pass the bechdel test. Besides, they don't include trigger warnings for the astraphobic or thalassophobic.

Jokes aside, one hell of an author. And congratulations to the Chaosium team (Sandy Petersen and co) for breathing new life into his work. They truly revolutionized horror and roleplaying. With strange aeons, even the dead may live.

Wrath of God:

--- Quote ---His books are totally eurocentric
--- End quote ---

You mean newenglandcentric. Those Europeans are some foreign savages after all.


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