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Good YouTube Actual Plays?

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Any recommendations for good Actual Plays? I can't get into Critical Role so I'm looking for something that is not that.

I will give anything a listen at least once

  I do not remember any that engaged me all that well.  I do have a link to a guy who blogs a record of games he has game mastered.   If you have a bit of time, they make for interesting reading.

Inwils does actual-plays of Mythras (RQ6) and M-Space (sci-fi Mythras), amongst regular videos, which are the ones I watch.

He has at least a few with Loz, one of the Mythras designers, running the game; if nothing else, those are probably worth a try.

Here they're playing Lyonesse, which is a licensed stand-alone Mythras game:

Crusader X:
I really enjoy THAC0 Tuesdays:

They run B/X D&D (via Old School Essentials) with a semi-rotating cast of players.   There are a few somewhat semi-famous players in a few of the episodes, but don't worry, it's nothing like Critical Role.   B/X's death at zero HP rule goes a long way to ensure that.  :)

Episode one is the weakest episode, but still enjoyable.  Alison Haislip, who I liked on G4, is a bit boring in the first episode.  But by the time Paula Deming joins the show, it has turned into the best OSR actual play series I've yet seen.  Give a few episodes a try, particularly if you're a B/X D&D fan.

Crusader X:
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