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Although I've seen some interesting works set in Asimov's universes. Roger MacBride Allen's Inferno (set in Asimov's Robot universe) is a murder mystery -- it just involves robots.

Episode 4.

Where is this going?

When I watch a show that gets bombastic and self-important, I ask the question, is this going somewhere interesting, or are the show creators just huffing their own farts?

Salvor Hardin being some kind of magic prognosticator who receives mystic visions from the vault is really rubbing me the wrong way.

Gaal Dornick's narration is getting on my nerves.

They better start paying off some of this setup so I know I'm not just being led around in circles.


--- Quote from: BoxCrayonTales on October 04, 2021, 05:11:10 PM ---Ah yes, the one weakness of science fiction... science!

--- End quote ---

I've read a ton of science fiction from the 30s and 40s and find that the more action oriented stories, such as from Leigh Brackett, hold up better than the more sciency stories. I tried to read Foundation years ago and found that it was a strange thing, a sort of retelling of historical events (the fall of the Roman Empire) but set in the future. That framing device didn't really work for me. In a way it is kinda like Dune's retelling of Lawrence of Arabia. Maybe it's just that as soon as I recognize the trope, I can't unsee it and take the story seriously. From what I remember, the first Foundation book flat out states that the sci-fi empire of the book is following a historical cycle. It didn't help that the historical cycle in question was pretty much revisionist history.


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