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Crusader X:

I remember the 2nd D&D movie having an attractive Barbarian babe as one of the characters.  Eye-candy always makes thing better.


--- Quote from: Lurkndog on July 19, 2021, 06:34:33 PM ---I'm not a big fan of the Conan movies, my favorite of the three is Conan the Destroyer, and it's far from good.

I haven't seen Ladyhawke since the 1980s, don't remember finding it all that enjoyable. Great cast, bad story.

I actively hate The Dark Crystal. The Gelflings seemed like useless heroes, and the monsters didn't do anything for me either. I would argue Labyrinth is the better Muppet fantasy movie, and I find Labyrinth to be fairly flawed.

I'm not going to defend that joke as reality, but it was certainly our perception at the time. There are a ton of bad sci fi movies, but there are good ones to counterbalance that, and the best sci fi films were ones we watched over and over. Fantasy movies, by comparison, just didn't seem to have that top tier.

--- End quote ---

   I think the issue is there are ALOT more sci fi movies than fantasy movies.  I do wonder why hollywood doesnt bother taking some of their historical fiction movies and giving them a shot with a touch of fantasy.  It is strange that a gang that can make some fantastic historical fiction movies (Braveheart, Gladiator, Last of the Mohicans, etc) can do so poorly at making a fantasty movie.  You would think something grounded a bit more, like Sword and sorcery or the like would be easy for them. 

Legend gets mentioned alot when D&D movies are discussed because to many that movie felt like a D&D movie.

They should make a D&D movie based on the “Isle of Dread” module.


--- Quote from: oggsmash on July 24, 2021, 07:26:50 PM ---   I think the issue is there are ALOT more sci fi movies than fantasy movies.

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Part of it may have been that the 1980's in particular were a drought of good fantasy movies, with some high profile stinkers thrown on top. The boom in straight-to-video led to a lot of exploitation level stuff like Barbarian Queen that were basically there for video stores that didn't carry porn. High profile fantasy movies were either ruined by cynical storytelling like Dragonslayer or they were children's movies. Willow was a huge disappointment. Even Disney was struggling.


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