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Anyone remember "Ten Who Dared"/"The Explorers"


Back in the 70's I watched a television series which had a strong effect on me, titled "Ten Who Dared". Each of the ten episodes consisted of an account of a famous expedition or explorer:

Christopher Columbus
Francisco Pizarro
Captain James Cook
Alexander Von Humboldt
Jedediah Smith
Burke & Wills
Henry Morton Stanley
Charles Doughty
Mary Kinglsey
Roald Amundsen

Here in the states the series was introduced by Anthony Quinn; according to some info I found here, the series was originally shown as "The Explorers" in Britain, hosted by David Attenborough.

Does anyone else remember this show? For some reason I've never seen it aired again.

As important, does anyone else remember the theme music? At least in the version I saw, I could swear it was the same as the theme to Monday Night Football--another UK import titled "Heavy Action" which was originally composed for the BBC Superstars series.

The theme song thing is driving me crazy; I'd rent the show just to confirm my memory (even if it weren't a great series), but I don't think I can find it in a local video store, nor is it at Netflix.

Vindication! As noted at in this filmography of Martin Shaw, who was in one episode of the series, the American theme music was indeed the same as that of the British Superstars series.

I can sleep soundly tonight.

But I'd still like to see that show again.


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