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Any opinions on martial arts for kids?

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My daughter is a feisty little thing, and when I asked her if she'd like to learn to fight she said "YEAH!"

I have my own ideas (which are probably stereotypes derived from popular culture), but I wondered if there are any practitioners out there who have an opinion on a good introductory art for a 5-year-old.

I'm leaning towards Thai kickboxing or pentjak silat, for cultural reasons. My wife likes capoeira. Feel free to criticise these choices.

I dunno, Droog. I think Martial arts are fine, even for five year olds. Specific styles are debateable, but largely a personal choice.  Given the feild you've offered, I'd suggest Caopeiria, in the chance that when she grows older and may be less interested in fighting, she can always chose to focus on the dance side of things....

But what do i know? I zap motherfuckers with my tail.

I dunno, coming from the gallery of the unexperienced, if I was gonna learn a martial art, I would be most interested in one that's practical and could teach me the most useful self-defence skills. Then again, I haven't been five for a long time, that might have bored the crap out of me then.

Yeah, I thought she might like to punch and kick bags.


Ok not really I just like it myself. I'd probably go with Kickboxing or Tae Kwon Do mostly for health aspects.

If you can find someone to teach Capoera its dance style might be useful if she chooses to go into acrobatics/gymnastics or dance, or just kick ass.


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