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Hey all,

It's been a while since I spent any time here, and the names appear to be all new, so I might as well introduce myself. I own the server on whcih this site sits, and we had some downtime on Friday. The long and short of it is that we had a falling out with our tech admin, and he had root access to the server, specifically MySQL, so we had to shut things down in order to secure the sites hosted here. This issue is now completely resolved.

I'd also like to post an open invitation to drop by Nothingland, which is the site I own here on the server. Nothingland has a long history dating back to just about the release of 3rd edition D&D. You can read more about that here. What Nutkinland (and then later Nothingland) became was ENWorld's off-topic forum. Today it more or less stands on it's own and serves the established community.

At this point we're looking for new blood, and since it is the original sister site of The RPG Site, it seems that an invitation is in order. Nothingland is a place populated primarily by RPG enthusiasts who want a place where they can say whatever is on their minds about any topic they want without fear of consequences (aside from the reactions of their fellow users). It is often irreverent, sometimes disturbing, and always turbulent. If you think you can handle it, come on over and introduce yourself.

There's a link to Somethingland on the Play by Post subforum. Perhaps we could put a link here for Nothingland? Or maybe add it to JimBobOz's list of links...

Garry G:
I keep meaning to come across and check it out so I will right now.

I'll toss in my $0.02 on the matter, I enjoy and try to post to both sites. (my recent move and dropping from highspeed to dial-up having dulled it of late)

There are always some cool threads going on at Nothingland, a very relaxed mod tone overall, (a bit more then here, but not by much) and some really cool people.

Tyler Do'Urden:


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