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An Open Letter to James McMurray

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Dear Mr. McMurray,

Some days I suspect that you are engaged in a personal crusade against RPG Pundit.  It's like every time I read a post by Pundit there you are with some one-liner barb that seems to have little to do with the topic at hand.  We all got the memo that the Pundit is a jerk.  You don't have to remind us of that at every opportunity.  Your apparent need to constantly beat this drum is dragging down the level of discourse and undermining your own credibility.  The latter part is the real shame of the situation, as you have some cool stuff to say when you aren't tossing harpoons at your personal white whale.

I really hope you take the letter as the beginning of a friendly attempt to work this situation out.



PS: Pundit has flipped your account from 'regular user' to 'jack ass', which is an actual status on the site software.  Apparently this cripples your ability to edit posts and otherwise take back things you say.  So if you see some screwing functionality problems, that's why.  Feel free to take this up with him in Private Messages or on the Help Desk, as I had no part in making that call.  Personally, I would have preferred he had waited until after I wrote this to do anything.

Consider him flipped back now.


James McMurray:
I was wondering why I had no PMs.

My last several posts to Pundit have all been in direct response to posts he makes to and about me. I've moved things not directly related to his posts to PMs, and had done so before this thread was created.

In the posts that I felt forced to reply to he makes false claims about my posting habits, my gaming habits, and my motivations. If telling someone they're wrong makes me a jackass, please flip me back.

edit: I'll also point out that, unlike Pundit to me, I have never said anything untrue about him. As I told him in one of the PMs, if he'll stop making shit up about me I'll stop telling him his shit is made up. Other than that I'd already stopped posting to him other than in direct reply to topics and posts about me.

Okay, fine.  Then howzabout we formally declare a truce?  Pundit, you publicly commit to stop talking smack about James.  James, you do the same.  First one to blow it loses face.


Pundit doesn't want to come on this thread because he wants to avoid another flare-up.  But he has assured me that he is willing to make a new attempt to get along.  James, I would really appreciate it if you would give me the same assurances.  If you do, I will consider the present matter closed.


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