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An Open Letter to James McMurray

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--- Quote from: RPGPundit ---so them claiming I'm somehow "power tripping" here is a pretty baldfaced and baseless assertion
--- End quote ---
Did somebody say that? :confused:

James McMurray:
I couldn't find any accusations of power tripping through the search function, and don't recall any being made.

>shrug<  Ah well, in any event, he's logically correct:  If such statements are made, I'm in agreement that they're bunk.  Pundit isn't using power for the sake of using power.  That doesn't mean that he's doing it for the selfless pursuit of everyone's happiness, either, but I certainly don't see any evidence that he's doing it because he likes the power.

James McMurray:
Yeah. If he (or any of the mods) were prone to that sort of behavior this would be a vastly different place.

My statements above were meant to be more of a "vaccination" argument than a response to anything said thus far. I know that there's more than enough people out there who would be prone to saying things like this, and the best defense is a good offense.



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