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An Open Letter to James McMurray

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James, you seem to have some very heavy issues with me, whether its due to my "authority" over this board (though one would have to wonder, what authority have I exerted so far?), serious authority issues in general, an "alpha male-beta challenger" thing, or something about my ideology you don't like, or maybe you just saw an internet forum where people are free to slag the admin without reprecussion and decided that somehow that meant that it was your sacred duty in particular to slag the admin as often as possible.  I don't know. But the point is this isn't healthy to the board.  Perhaps you'd like to have me on your ignore list?


James McMurray:
Again, you're overreacting. If you look at my actual posts you'll see that I agree with you at times, disagree with you at times, and generally post without regard to you at all.

Really, I asked you at one point to make a count of my posts and how many bagged on you. Do it. I think you'll be surprised. Heck, do it just on the posts since we declared a truce. You'll find that my only attack on you (the nonsense statement) came after you effectively said that a game I really like isn't a real game. Hell, you even started an entire thread to attack the game. Are you sure its me that has it out for you?

Honestly, why start a thread in response to my post, attacking a game I'd said I liked. Is that not a violation of a truce? If I were to start a thread saying that amber or Forward... To Adventure aren't real games you would certainly say that I had broken my end of the deal.

There was certainly a spike in their frequency in the last two days (prior to the truce), and I both admitted to that and explained it. But in general, you're just another poster. You're a lot more prolific then everyone else, and tend to be a lot more acerbic and offensive then most as well. And, when you attack the things I care about, in direct reponse to my posts, and creating completely new threads for that sole purpose, does it really surprise you that I defend them?

James McMurray:
I'll also point out that I've been ruder to Dominus Nox in the last day then I have with you. It's not proof, but I think it's evidence that I'm not out to "prove myself over the other alpha males" or something similar. He said something worthy of ridicule and he got it (he likened people that don't like smoking to Nazis). However, since Nox is everyone's whipping boy, my treatment of him doesn't even get a second glance.

No, if you'd just attacked a game I liked, that would not have been an issue.

If you'd done it while saying "The RPGPundit is ignorant, he never read the rulebooks he's talking about, he isn't able to be "sensical" and he's a liar", then that's where the problems come in.

I mean seriously, do you perhaps not even understand what it is that's the nature of the problem here?
I mean, do you get, fundamentally, what's the difference between how you're "arguing" with me and how, say, John Kim is arguing with me?

Because I'm really starting to get the sense that you don't see how that's different...

Also, I'm not going to go over 888 posts to give you the exact percentage. Its enough to note that your every fucking interaction with me has you engaging in ad hominem attacks, and that you seem to dedicate a SPECTACULAR amount of your time on here to responding to me.  Even in posts directed at others, you end up "warning" them about me. I mean, your level of obsession seems to be about on par with Nox's level of obsession about Steve Jackson, and that's a thing of wonder.

So I think that sadly, at this point the best answer would be to help remove the source of temptation for you.


James McMurray:
Did I say you were ignorant? No.

Did I say you'd never read the rulebooks? No. I asked if you had, because your account of the games being almost identical didn't jibe with my experiences of the two. But that's already being discussed elsewhere.

I haven't read John Kims arguments with you. But I do know that the tact I take with you is much more friendly in tone then the tact you take with others. Vastly more in many cases.

--- Quote ---Its enough to note that your every fucking interaction with me has you engaging in ad hominem attacks
--- End quote ---

This is completely untrue. Just look around, honestly, and with eyes not blinded by your misconception of my goals. I'm agreeing with you left and right. Asking questions about your game because it interests me, and generally just enjoying myself on these boards. I've said exactly one thing harsh to you (the nonsense statement). I also asked a question that you took as an attack but which wasn't.

Those were in response to you going out of your way to ridicule a game that I mentioned in a post that had absolutely nothing to do with you.

Other than that one post, how have I been so horrible this last day?


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