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Title: An American in Sweden
Post by: winkingbishop on June 15, 2010, 12:48:26 PM
My sister-in-law is both Swedish and pregnant.  I am very excited to tell you that baby-to-be will be baptized is Sweden.  If all goes well, I will be making my first trip to the Old World within the next year or so.

I have no doubt that the community here is either well-traveled or native to many corners of the earth.  I ask you: If one was to spend two weeks in Sweden, what would you do?  As a resident of the USA and a gamer, I crave a sense of deep history that I find lacking in my native land.  I know next to nothing of Sweden.  Also, I consider myself a "foodie," fond of tasting everything and bringing flavors back to my dinner table.

What does one see in two weeks of Sweden?  What does one eat in Sweden?

Finally, I might consider learning some of the language.  I am not strong with languages but I am proficient with Spanish in addition to my native English.  Would any member of this forum recommend a specific text or other tool to learn practical modern Swedish?