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A note to users of this sub-forum


This forum is not a central part of theRPGsite's purpose, it is purely peripheral.

As such, on occasion the threads in this forum might be purged.

Also, because it is an OFF-topic area, and to avoid serious disruptions and especially these disruptions spilling over onto other parts of these forums, Mods are generally going to be more quick to close threads here if they have de-evolved into purposeless mudslinging.

Finally, posting here is dependent on your ability to avoid becoming a disruption to the forum; we will not have patience for those who do, and especially for those we suspect are more interested in this website for the off-topic areas than for the on-topic theme of RPGs.

If a moderator feels that someone's presence here is making the off-topic forums excessively toxic, that user will be likely to find himself forum-banned from the off-topic areas.


ADDENDUM: threads on politics or religion are not accepted here, unless they specifically relate to something connected to RPGs.


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