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"A Devil Food is Turning Our Kids Into Homosexuals"

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Dominus Nox:
Jesus tap dancing Christ, is there no fucking limit to the rabid homophobia some people are driven by?

Someone please shoot me now......

Well it's WorldNetDaily, what did you expect? An article filled with genuine facts?

David Limbaugh writes for these people, as does Roy Moore; those two contributors (high-profile among the "let's blame brown people first" crowd) alone tell me everything I need to know about how far right that website leans in it's bias.

IIRC, there _are_ health arguments against eating too much soy. But soy making you gay? Okay, both are three letter words ending in "y", but _if_ you want to blame a food product, choose something French, fer chrissakes...

On the other hand, if Chuck Norris confirms it...

Dr Rotwang!:
There's a sidebar ad for a book about "Canada's Revcolution Against Faith, Family and Freedom" and how it "Threatens America".

I say "Whatever, tinfoil-hat", and add this:

J Arcane:
THere's another ad for a self-defense book whose tagline is "Should Christians be armed?"

Jesus wept.


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