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"A Devil Food is Turning Our Kids Into Homosexuals"

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Dominus Nox:

--- Quote from: James McMurray ---Of course he is, he's gay, right?

This message brought to you by Your source for all the truth, all the time. If Chuck Norris likes us, we must be good.
--- End quote ---

is this the place that runs right wing shit that's too vile for rush limbaugh but not vile enough for ann coulter:confused:

James McMurray:
I was too scared to read the whole site. It's the website linked to in the opening post declaring that soybeans will make our children gay.


--- Quote from: SunBoy ---Oh god!!! Maybe it makes you furrie!!! :D
--- End quote ---

No, but I hear that if you use excessive hand lotion you might gain a problem with being hirsute.

Certain kinds, at least. :p

I like soy, just like every leftie out there.:D


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