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Worst update ever.

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Anon Adderlan:
Sick of these software 'upgrades' which remove features and make usability more difficult. Might as well just start a subreddit and save the effort at this point.

What the hell motivated these changes?

How about the other software was no longer going to be compatible with our server and this was the best option.


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I just wanna say that I love your sig.

Couldn't agree more this so called update sucks. Near impossible to add an image to a post and the emailed summary notification doesn't embed new posts.  Was this this downgrade done to drive more traffic to the site is it just crap.

Didn't they told you guys that the admins HAD to update in order to just exist.  Like they have no choice at all because the old forum is not compatible to the new changes.  They didn't do this to piss you off.  Sometimes life tosses you lemons.


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