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Without PMs how do I contact the Powers?

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I was going to engage the Powers that Be in a conversation, but I don't have sufficient privileges to send a PM yet, is there another way to do this without cluttering up the meta forum?

Well, you're not THAT far from being able to PM.

Just start up some threads on your favourite RPG topics.  You'll help flesh the forums out *and* gain xp.  :insert win smiley here:

Hreidmar :
Troll think that what meta for.


--- Quote from: Troll ---Troll think that what meta for.
--- End quote ---
Okay, well here goes...

Should we discourage asshattery threads?

We're not an offshoot, we're not really connected to the diaspora, save by timing, we're forming our own new and dynamic place. The fact that so many of these new places have people in common is going to mean word will spread from place to place to place of things posted at one, but not at another... (sometimes I have trouble keeping up with what was said where, by whom, etc.)

Now that said. maybe I'm lapsing into my old habits of overanalyzing everything and worrying too much what others may think of us.

I don't want the Original Poster to think of this as an attack on them, which is why I would have had this conversation via PM vs. in-forum., however I think a thread like that can grow and grow as new links are added, etc.

Sorry if this is the first whine/complaint of the board, but this is why I bring it up:

Seeing a post like:

--- Quote from: Troll ---Troll like peace and quiet.  Drama ruin Troll nap.
--- End quote ---
Makes me think there should be less elitism and more community.

Hreidmar :
Troll thinks you make good point.  Troll will think and talk with other kith.


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