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What's with all the bans?


Anon Adderlan:
While I certainly don't want a play by play as The Big Purple do, I am rather curious as to why an unusual number of folks seem to have been banned in the last few months. In general what rule is being violated here? As I can't seem to spot it.

Well, one dude continued to talk politics in a thread after Pundit warned him, then dared Pundit to ban him.  Then he made several alts and continued to post.  So, are you "concerned" about the number of people banned, or the number of accounts.  'Cause those are different numbers...

Who has been nuked?

Which were alts?

Who was using the alts?

Did anyone flame out with a quality lolz moment?

From what I seen these recent bannings happened to people who break rules and been pissing people off in general.  Then they decided to piss on Pundit.

They deserved to be banned on those grounds alone.

If someone gets banned can he remove his posts here?

I did not notice this place until after pm RPGpundit about it. Sorry.


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