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Well done pundit! (research before youn judge)


matt swain:
I came here despite hearing this place was an alt right flamepit ruled by shitlords, and have seen some truth to that, but recently i  saw two users suddenly had 'banned' under their names, a'la the unspeakable site where such is a daily occurrence.

Ok, at first i thought "So much for not being like a radical right version of the unspeakable site."

But, unlike shitlords and other alt right types i did a little research first. I saw what those two were banned for, basically serious racism and near nazi like ideology with a lab coat tossed on it.

So, my perspective shifted suddenly and now all i can say is "Good job, pundit." I'd have  banned those shitcicles on a site i was running too.

A cautionary story about snap judgements and not researching things.


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