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I tried adding an avatar and the thing was tiny no matter how I rescaled the image.  Is there some trick to this?  I decided no avatar was better for now unless I find a fix

Not sure. Must have been something wrong with the image,

I'm having the same problem. It's really not anything wrong with the image itself.

I originally tried to upload a 400x400 jpeg image, which got resized down to 65x65(and png). I figured maybe the image was too big and something went wonky in the automatic resizing, so I changed it to 150x150. I checked other avatars on this site first to make sure those measurements were good, so I know it's not too big that way so no resizing should occur at all.

I'm on Win10 using basic Paint to resize and save. I've tried the 150x150 image in jpg, png, and gif formats, and it does the automatic resizing to all of them. I've even tried the "as a link" option, and it still resizes the whole thing to a ridiculously small 65x65 anyway. On top of this, I tried doing a completely different image altogether(the blue square you see now), and it resized that one, too.

It's a forum issue. That much is pretty obvious now. This is the image I'm trying to use. I'm pretty sure that if you check it out, you'll see there's nothing wrong with it. And here is the blue square I used. I seriously doubt there's anything wrong with it, either.

Try it now.


--- Quote from: brettmb on May 31, 2021, 08:57:13 AM ---Try it now.

--- End quote ---
It worked! I didn't resize it or change the format or anything, and it's now a perfect 150x150(I checked)! Thanks!


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