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Reefer Madness:
Very Interesting indeed, and good fun all around...


--- Quote from: Pooka ---Rumor has it you do this by editting your profile.

One other thing a frog told me that you in particular can do is receive PM's.  I think he's lying, but check your inbox anyway.
--- End quote ---

Thanks Pooka I missed that on my way through the options the first time.

Guest (Deleted):

--- Quote from: Reefer Madness ---Very Interesting indeed, and good fun all around...
--- End quote ---
That's the only point of this or any other board in my opinion - to have a miserable time.  And that's the Pooka's truth.

Knightcrawler: rank seems to be defaulting to Internet user even if I set it to something else.

Guest (Deleted):
The rank under your user name right now is Backstabber, is it not?


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