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furious about elfgames:

--- Quote from: Rincewind1;727267 ---

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I wasn't talking to you, son.


--- Quote from: furious about elfgames;727293 ---I wasn't talking to you, son.
--- End quote ---

For such a wanker, you sure seem to have a limp-wrist. Go into sewers, grab 1,6k gps worth of spare change and come back when you level up.

Seriously, the "son" comeback? Where are we, comedy kindergarten? Germany?

Posting someone's real name if they haven't publicly used it here or in other forums should not be done here. Posting someone's full email if they haven't done so should not be done here either.

Posting someone's username from another forum, or real name if its one they publicly use on another forum, is completely allowed, and appropriate if its clear the person is not using said name here specifically for nefarious purposes (be it disruption, stalking, sockpuppeting or general trolling).

From what I understand, you used a different name from the standard username you use on another notable forum (not really an RPG forum but a forum that obsesses about RPGs in a highly negative way), specifically so that you could go unidentified, in a way a few other Grog.txt goons have done so, to generate outrage that can then be posted on that thread to "prove" how awful gamers are.

Please dude, you weren't expressing your position, you were conducting covert sabotage, and you're pissed that you were stupid enough to get found out.

Anyways, you will find that we are not "messing" with your ability to post what you want here so long as it follows our standard very lax rules.  You are as welcome to write whatever you wish here (within the broad limits of on-topic, non-illegal, non-stalking, non-derailing, etc) to your heart's content now that your identity (and agenda) is known by all as you were before that (unfortunate, for you) event.
I will ask though that you if you want to keep discussing the perceived unfairness of this, you use a different thread than this one from here on it. You can start a complaint thread here on the help forum if you want.  But I'd rather we not get another 20 pages of your whining on this stickied thread.



--- Quote from: furious about elfgames;727240 ---Oh, that's a good policy, and mighty big of th

Well, Pundit, your mod One Horse Town seems to have gone rogue.  Either that or you're an old fraud and your word is worth something between jack and shit.  Which is it?  Are you a big liar, or is One Horse Town just making you look like one?
--- End quote ---

"Being messed with" means someone abusing thier powers as mod. A mod exercising free speech the same as any other poster here is not hipocrisy, its the point of the damn forum. You can say any stupid thing you like, and everyone else if free to call you stupid for saying it. You didnt get banned here for being an obvious troll, and nobody thinks you're clever for being a pity troll either.

Thread bumping for a clarification:

Are threats to assault and kill other posters kosher here under freedom of speech?


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