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certainly the rules leave No margin of error or misinterpretation, as well as being free from any form of Mod-clique.

What is a "non-mainstream RPG?"

From reading your blog, I *mostly* feel I know the answer (a highfalutin', "Narrativist" story game) , but I would worry that people unfamiliar with your views would not know where to draw that line.

For example, some might take it to mean an RPG that is simply unpopular or obscure, while still being very firmly-rooted in traditional RPG play paradigms.

Some clarification might be good.


--- Quote from: RPGPundit ---Its a guideline. The idea is that, for example, Forge people shouldn't come on here thinking all of us RPGsite-ists see Indie gaming as equivalent to Jack Kerouac's poetry, which they apparently do.

--- End quote ---

Glad to know it's a guideline.  The Kerouac line made me chuckle out loud.  IMHO the guideline is a good one, everyone should be welcome to talk about how they view our shared hobby.

The Kerouac line wasn't just something I made up. One of the Forge-ites posted this very stupid blog entry where he claimed that Ron Edwards and Co. were the new version of the Beat Movement and how he was all psyched that they were on the "cutting edge" (of what, I have no fucking idea). Talk about a lack of perspective.

Anyways, as to the question of what's mainstream, the answer is common sense. Any game that runs around making a big show of how its "not mainstream" (including anything from the Forge, and White-wolf style "storyteller" games) probably aren't mainstream. I mean shit, let's take them at their word. They claim that they aren't for the "masses", that's fine, I want fuck all to do with them.

Note that this doesn't mean you can't discuss these games on here; nothing is verboten in this board.  Just that the idea is not to have 50% of the threads on the main forum be about Exalted or Nobilis or My Life With Master; instead of, you know, games that people in the real world actually play.
We won't be having versions of the " Darling" or the flavour of the month over here.


Sojourner Judas:
White Wolf's very much "for the masses." Second largest RPG publisher, sold in Waldenbooks... :p


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