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--- Quote from: RPGPundit ---6.We realize that some gamers lack important social skills
--- End quote ---

Mate, I now this is old, but this is the first time I read it, and...


--- Quote from: RPGPundit ---Since they themselves make claims not to be, I am more than happy to kick them to the curb, even though they don't actually have anything "innovative" about their design that makes them in any way different from traditional rpgs (other than the fact that railroading and bad GMing are built into the presumptions of how to run the game, and bizzarely seen as not just a good thing, but as producing "art").

--- End quote ---

See, but thats the big problem I have with how its worded, and how you're going to be interpreting it.

You have a MASSIVE bias against White Wolf.  Like, more massive than anything any mod or admin on had against D&D (which is quite a load of crap).  You're saying its "not mainstream" when its demonstratably IS.  Could you please pull some quote in a book, or a website, where White Wolf the corporate entity (and not some yob who doesn't work for them any more) claims their games are "not for the masses, and not mainstream"?

Your personal feelings on the game should mean nothing.  Your personal feelings about ANY game, as a moderator and admin, should mean nothing.

If ANY game is over-dominating, having too much duplication of thread topic and overlapping discussion, then thats a good time for merging.

I mean, if there are 20 legitemite threads on Exalted, all talking about different aspects of the game and different splats and the like, just because you don't like the game, why should it be singled out for excommunication?  Yet, from your posts, if there are 20 threads talking about the PHB2, those DON'T get merged/moderated?

"Mainstream" or not, you should be happy people are coming here to DISCUSS.  If you're not happy with a tone you percieve as "flooding" the boards, then thats one thing.  Shutting down discussion just because you have a massive hate-on for a certain game company is quite another.

That is, my friend, far more dictatorial than anything I've seen on  I mean, say what you will, but when it comes to GAMES, they don't actively shut down discussion of a particular game (beyond FATAL and RaHoWa, which I think we can both agree mostly deserve it) becasue they don't like it.  For all the "perceived" (and thats all it is) bias against D&D, mods don't shut down threads about it, or merge threads about it because its taking away precious front page space from the "darlings".

Hack, back down a bit, mate. Nobody has been closing, locking or really even merging threads at all as far as I've seen.

The pundit has been true to his word, not much moderation going on...

The only thing better than getting pissed baout a post on a message board is getting pissed about an old and forgotten post on a message board.


--- Quote from: Aos ---The only thing better than getting pissed baout a post on a message board is getting pissed about an old and forgotten post on a message board.
--- End quote ---

Who's pissed?  I just find it interesting.  When you join a message board, one of the things you do is check out how the board is going to be run.  Especially where Pundit has made such noise about this being the "Anti", I was even more interested to see his ideas and philosophies on how this would be run.  Imagine my suprise when I come across a post basically saying he'll shut down discussion of games he doesn't like.

If thats not the reality, then thats cool.  But thats not how he presents its going to be in the stickied thread (hardly forgotten, as it stays at the top of the forum.  Its not like I dug through twenty back pages to find something to get upset about) that is basically the manifesto/mission statement of the board, which is where all new posters should go at first.

Inevitably, new posters are going to rehash old arguements about stuff like this, as they are new to the board.


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