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The new RPG site I've been looking for.

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I've never been much of a postwhore.  Perhaps with incentives for posting though, I might post a bit more than usual.

And already 11 posts here, you're like craaaazieee, Billy! :eek:

I have shed my past in favor of introspection and personal growth through study, gaming, and companionship. Good blessings to all who have made this site possible.


--- Quote from: Elwood P. Dowd ---Heh. Heh. My kinda place:a great passive-aggressive slap in the intro, and bottles to be emptied and thrown. :)
--- End quote ---
Evil!  I love it.  :)


--- Quote from: Cyberzombie ---Evil!  I love it.  :)
--- End quote ---

Evil begats eeeeeeeeeeeeevil.


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